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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 3, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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egypt and throughout the world. >> nbc's mike viqueira joins us the white house. mike, as this ongoing crisis continues, and everybody keeps using the word "fluid" explain how the president is being briefed as things change minute by minute. >> reporter: flew and dynamic. prts top officials on down, another phrase, they've been trying to walk the fine diplomatic line between a partner of 30 years in hosni mubarak and pro-democracy demonstrators in the streets. they veersed towards the pro-democracy demonstrators. think back eight days ago when the vice president said that hosni mubarak, it was not time for him to go. now we see the white house calling for that orderly transition. the only question is, when that begins, what does it look like, and how much influence does the united states have over these
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events that are rap id unfoldin, illustrated over the pictures we've seen in the last several days from cairo? the administration says how soon is now? now is now. ordererly transition. but it's up to the egyptian people, say the administration, trying to walk that line over what it looks like, over who is in charge during that transition, over whether they want to wait until september to have hosni mubarak leave. the feeling at the white house and the administration is they want him gone now but they don't want to spell out in too much detail exactly how that is supposed to look. so the secretary of state has been on the phone with a newly installed vice president there in egypt, mr. suleiman, demanding an investigation into the violence that we saw on the streets over the last several days, the violence that president obama, as recently as tuesday night, was laudsing t military because they prevents it and calling for further acts
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of nonviolence, that has deteriorated quickly. the secretary of defense, other top white house officials, in frequent contact with counterparts in egypt but serving to illustrate the fact the white house has a limits amount of influence over the situation right now. >> so the facts are, from january 25th, when demonstrators started to gather and put on the pressure to get mubarak's attention, they've now gotten mubarak's attention. he's making this announcement that he's not going to run for re-election. however, since that announcement, we've seen nothing but the chaos continue to grow. and tomorrow is the day of departure that these organizers have called upon mubarak to leave and things are going to change. when the president and the administration are hearing that what are their fears for what's going to happen tomorrow when mubarak does not step down and vacate? >> reporter: i think that, first of all, the president, we have not seen him in the last couple of days, and there are a couple of reasons. first of all, another phrase we've heard over and over, the united states does not want to be seen as the puppet master
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there. the other concern on the part of the administration is when thinthin things run counter to what the president is urging and the pressure they've put on hosni mubarak to step aside and begin the transition to free and fair elections and democratic reforms, that the president and the administration look ineffectual and exposed because this situation here is, let's face it, in the control of the people on the streets now. even here at the white house they say that they are pretty much waiting to see who comes out on top, sitting and watching alongside us. notwithstanding all of the government-to-government contacts and the fact they can get, the president has had several conversations, at least two, of 30 minutes in duration with hosni mubarak and the secretary of state and everybody on down the line. so, a great deal of frustration here and a ratcheting up of the rhetoric trying to get hosni mubarak to step aside, thomas. >> mike viqueira, thank you. in egypt where it's been
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another day of violence and protests, it's now after 10:00 at night there. reports from cairo say that at least ten people have been killed, many others wounded as pro and anti-government groups continue to fight it out on the streets. journalists have been targeted and they've been told to leave the area while egypt's prime minister has apologized for army attacks on the demonstrators. he also said he calls for president mubarak to step down by friday, saying that's unacceptable. egypt's state tv reporting that mubarak's son gamal will not seek the presidency. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins me live on the telephone from cairo. the state department is saying tomorrow's demonstrations could be bigger than today. the organizers calling it the day of departure. what are you hearing about the situation at this hour? it's after 10:00 at night in cairo. >> reporter: i'm overlooking tahrir square right now. there are a number of people here. not, i wouldn't say it's completely packed but there are certainly 10,000 people or more
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in the square. the two sides are lined up, almost fas thas if they are get ready for a fight. they are not clashing at the moment. at anti-mubarak demonstrators are in much, much greater numbers. there are probably only a few hunt mubarak supporters standing on an elevated highway looking down at the crowds of protesters below. imagine two sides shaking fists at each other but not quite fighting. the prime minister, just to clarify one thing you mentions earl whyiier did speak today, h off an apology but not army attacks on protesters. the army has not been takinging protesters. he apologized a group of thugs yesterday stormed into tahrir square and disrupted what had been a peaceful protest and turned a day, a day of peaceful
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protests into a scene of carnage in which many people were injured, several people were killed. more than a thousand people injured. they've set up a makeshift infirmary in the center of the square now. he apologized just as a representative of egypt. egypt had no responsibility, no order, no plan to send in these thugs because they organized spontaneously. protesters don't believe that. they believe these were squads sent by the government. by apologizing he was making a denial. >> tell us about efforts by you and other colleagues in the area, journalist there's being intimidated, if they try to go out and cover the story. how hard is it making you to get on the street and find out what's go on, as these two sides continue to amp up? >> reporter: it is making it considerably more difficult, but not impossible. we can still get out. i've spoken with many people. i can look at the square right
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now. we have footage from the ground. we can talk to people, phone service is still up. we can report the story very adequately. the problem is, one side of this conflict, i should say it is the smaller side in downtown cairo, these are the protesters in favor of president mubarak, the ones that the demonstrators calls the goon squad, there's no other way to say they have it out for journalists, chasing journalists down. any foreign journalist who goes out, carrying a camera, big, little camera, doesn't matter, will be chased down before they ask who that person works for. the animosity is mostly directed to al jazeera. they are looking for al jazeera in a way that is almost look a lynch mob. but it has made it very difficult to cover because you don't know if someone is a mubarak support or a protester. they don't wear any colors or t-shirts. but when you come into a crowd
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of people, although the protesters outnumber the mubarak demonstrators, you don't want to run into the wrong group. >> richard engel, thank you very much. we'll talk soon. the turmoil in egypt, tunisia and yemen is placing new attention on president obama and his role and some say responsibility to help broker the peace. also talk of this, december 2009, president obama received the nobel peace prize, committee cited the president's extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy. as the crisis in egypt deepens this may be president obama's moment to stand before the world stage as america's chief diplomat. karen deyoung a senior diplomatic correspondent with "the washington post." part of the prize in all of this, also suggested that it was a call to action for the president's future action. so, karen, how is he doing so far in this certain crisis?
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>> well, i think the most you can say right now it's that the administration perhaps waited a little too long to use firm diplomacy in the case of egypt with parliamentary elections last year it was clear the country wasn't headed in the right direction. there were many people at that time who called for firmer diplomacy, if you want to call it that, by the united states, and it just didn't happen. and to now the administration looks like it's kind of been overtaken by events, that it's behind the curve with what's happening in egypt. >> jonathan, do you agree with that assessment? >> i think they started get their act together not until this weekend. last week there were divisions within the administration, within the white house. they seem to be on the same page now and there is a full court diplomatic press going on. also getting a clearer -- giving a clearer picture to the
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egyptians, to the region where they want to going with some transitional government that is put together very quickly. but, yeah, i agree with karen, it took some time. >> karen, has the white house, as you were saying, they've been late to respond but it seems warnings to mubarak are getting stronger every day. now the day of departure is looming, the tight that organizers are calling on for friday to see the self-imposed departure of mubarak. what do you think the white house is thinking now, as they watch these two sides from richard engel saying they've both clamp down in tahrir square, what are they thinking now as we're a couple hours away from friday in cairo? >> i think they're putting a lot of faith in the egyptian army. a lot of these communications are with people in the army, at very high levels, and kind of the mid level, officer level because that's where the strongest ties are. they're hoping that the army will essentially be a buffer
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between the two sides. they don't want to the army to get involved because, frankly, i think they're afraid that the army, too, will split between anti-and pro-mubarak forces and want the army to stay as the kind of pillar of stability as one official said and i think that they're hoping the army will, again, be a buffer between the two sides and keep the violence down without getting directly involved. >> jonathan, the white house has said that it is up to the egyptian people to chart their own course from here. but when does this chaos, this fractioned chaos, go beyond the borders to become a world issue? >> you know, it already has. the fact is, rising oil prices are a result in some ways, in some part on this, and you also have a lot of actors in the region now starting to weigh in and really push back. we're hearing saudi arabia, we're hearing the unite the arab emirates and certainly israel
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weighing in. some concern from the saudis that they see barack obama throwing hosni mubarak under the bus here. they're pushing back and telling mubarak to hang tough. i mean, this is going to be a protracted process. and you know, there's really almost no way the united states stays above it. they have to get into the fray here. >> jonathan and karen, thanks so much for coming on today. we will continue to follow all of the developments coming our way out of the middle east and bring them to you as fast as we get them. back here in the country, dangerous cold and ice keep major cities at a standstill. guess what? another storm coming. we'll explain next. an explosive report out about mistakes made leading up to the deadly ft. hood shooting. [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪
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welcome back. a congressional investigation into the 2009 massacre at ft. hood faults the army and the fbi for not doing enough to prevent the tragedy. connecticut senator joe lieberman chairs the committee that compiled the report, and he was crystal clear about the results today. >> our investigation found employees of the department of defense and the fbi had compelling evidence of nidal hasan's growing embrace of violent islamist extreme itch in years before the attack. >> jim miklaszewski live at the pentagon with more. explain what else is in the report by senator homeland security, because it seems senator lieberman is sending out, i don't want to use the word scathe, but making strong accusations where fault lies. >> reporter: it's been some time, everybody has known both
3:17 pm
the fbi, the army have probably dropped the ball in not paying attention to some of the warning flags that have been set up by major nidal hasan prior to his alleges shooting and killing of 13 service members at ft. hood in november 2009. but this report today details just how egregious some mistakes are were. though major hasan shown increased radicalization, preaching violence against the united states, some of his superior officers not only continued to promote hasan, but actually praised hasan because they said that radicalization would actually serve as a lesson to other soldiers on how to deal with islamic radicals. in terms of the fbi, this report says that they were warned by a
3:18 pm
counterterrorism office in san diego that nidal hasan had been in contact via e-mail with a known collaborator and supporter of al qaeda in yemen, yet, quite frankly, the fbi really didn't do much to investigate this case and, again, another red flag that had been missed. in terms of the army, the title of the report, thomas, ticking time bomb, because two separate co-workers of hasan who was a clinical psychologist in residence at waller reid and elsewhere, two of his co-workers had described him, quite frankly it their superior commanders as a ticking time bomb, but nobody took any action. >> certainly not much consolation, mik, to the family members of the 13 people killed, over 30 staff members injured. how does the army and the fbi use what they have now deemed
3:19 pm
hindsight being 20/20 to make sure something like this does not happen again and someone like hasan is not promoted or praised when showing this behavior. >> reporter: from this report and the -- spearheaded by senator lieberman and senator susan collins, they recommend that the army actually take steps to improve their ability to recognize radicalization of possible islamic militants within their own ranks and points out that even though the army said what we really can't do that because some of the steps would be against the law, they say there are plenty of provisions to allow the army to do that. and in terms of the fbi and this joint terrorism task force in washington dropping the ball on that investigation, they said this is proof that, after 9/11, the fbi, though there's been tremendous progress, according to lieberman and collins, still have a way to go, and they still
3:20 pm
need to work and improve on that investigative process. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thanks very much. so right now, the cleanup is under way in chicago after the massive winter storm. the mess brought one of the worst storms in the city's history. chicago's used to bad ones but thousands left without power. look at this shot. roads shut down. cars abandoned. schools and businesses had to close down. for many, the next snowstorm is brewing and a deep freeze is coming with it. let's go to the weather channel headquarters. carl parker, break it down for us. i hate to be the bearer of bad news. tell us what we can expect. >> among those of us watching this for a long time, this winter is starting to get shocking. it's incredible how many storms we've seen and how cold it's been. the next storm producing freezing rain in louisiana and
3:21 pm
mississippi. reports of accidents already, so 55, 29, 20, very difficult. that's going on throughout tonight and tomorrow. snow along the texas gulf coast. the houston area, could be an inch of snow. the whole thing's going to lift up tomorrow. rain in the south. then the storm is going to move up the coast, going into saturday. that's when we could see heavier snow, primarily in interior parts of pennsylvania, so we're talking about the poconos getting into the catskills there, southeast new york, berkshires, western parts of mass and southern new hampshire. it's probably more of of a mix in the 59 corridor than snow and wind will continue in new england sunday. as we look at longer term, it looks like it's going to be very cold going into next week. a big dump of cold comes in and probably two more winter storms on the way, thomas. hate to tell you. >> well, we'll all just knuckle through it together and wait for spring. appreciate it. as we've been telling you throughout the hour, another
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violence day in cairo. it's after 10:00 at night. the latest from the region. if you're thinking of joining the millions of americans who choose to do their banking at the big box stores what you need to know about that. seven years ago, i had this idea.
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123450 welcome back. relief in australia. a cyclone passes north of of the flood zone. it destroyed or damaged hundred of homes in northern queensland. no deaths reported. lives were spared because people followed instructs to the letter to escape to evacuation centers. a fire destroyed an apartment building in dallas, texas. the cause unknown. it's believed to have started on the third floor and spread straight to the roof. no injuries reported. russian prime minister putin says the moscow airport bombing has been solved. putten told reporters today the
3:26 pm
investigation has made considerable progress. he wouldn't go into specifics or name responsible. the suicide bombing at moscomos busy effort airport killed 35 and injured 150. one of the iconic buildings in new york city. once home to john lennon. setting for an ugly fight. the middle east, minute-to-minute changes minute-to-minute changes happening there. whenou need news for dinner, it's time to discover the best place of all. go to where you'll find hundreds of fresh recipe ideas, made with the brands you love. make campbell's kitchen part of your kitchen. just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving cream. it blocks pain signals fast for relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different --
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here's a look how stocks are doing today. they've moved higher in the wake of a speech from ben bernanke a few hours ago. dow higher by 26. s&p 500 higher by three. ben bernanke sees the economy getting better though not strong enough to have a dramatic improve. in employment. employment will start to improve but it's several years before we get a full recovery going.
3:30 pm
also completely rejected the notion that u.s. monetary policy was leading to sharp rises in commodities and food prices all over the world, which some believe has led to unrest in many parts of the world. he says it's not fair and should not be connects with u.s. monetary policy. a big question for you now, do you trust your bank? after the meltdowns and the bailouts of the last few years, trust in banks is now not what it used to be and that's leading more americans than ever to ditch the big banks in favor of big box stores when it comes to personal financial matters. retail giants like walmart, kmart, best buy all offer customer services like check cashing, money transfers, paying utility bills and the chance to spend the green before they believe the stores. who is doing the most big box banking? could this trend lead to changes at major traditional banks?
3:31 pm
eric dash joins us now. explain to all of us, es this a move by the big box stores to help consumers or bottom line against the banks? >> the a bit of both, yes they want to help consumers but provide check cashing, other banking services, maybe new consumers will come to those stores and make a purchase or two when they're there. >> when we talk about how many people are utilizing the service like this, going to a wall plart or going to a best buy, what are the numbers? do we know? >> there's no real good industry data now for this but i think people estimate that millions of people could drop out of the banking system as a result of some of the newing arelati regu inabilitied and the tougher rules which make lower income customers less profitable for bigger banks. >> explain how this is happening for problem. obviously there's a surcharge or something that these big box stores are going to charge you
3:32 pm
if you come in with a check come-to-cash. explain how does it work to pay utility bills? is it like western union style? >> a little bit. some of the big box retailers have western unions or money centers in them. but when you think about it, it's a lot like wlk whack-a-mole. it's like running water and finance finds the path of least reli resistance. they're there ray lot of people that can't afor the restaurant and many will go to the sears or walmart or best buy. >> how are the big banks paying attention to this trend? if it's like whack-a-mole they'll duck up and go up this way. are they paying attention and figuring out how to stay ahead of it? >> i think they are. they recognize customers can be profitable, they have to service them in a different way.
3:33 pm
citigroup, for example, but a distinguished vice president in charge of unbank initiative and other banks are making noise about similar plans. >> i like the whack-a-mole analogy. i was taken aback by exactly how many people are utilizing this. it's an enormous trend that we're seeing around the country. some people are doing better because of it. voters and republicans who thought the president obama would take a softer line on illegal immigration may be surprised by this next story. during his first two years in office, immigration arrests, prosecutions and deportations have gone up. in fact a number of deportations have shot up by 100,000 over the last year of the bush administration and felony prosecutions over the same period are up 77% and nonfelony prosecutions in immigration and border enforcement up 259%. david bernham co-director of syracuse university's transactional records access
3:34 pm
clearinghouse, the organization which compiles is analyzes stats. good to have you with us. were you surprised, and i'm surprised, i mean when i say these numbers, about the results of the obama administration's efforts on the front over the last two years here? >> when we put it altogether and compared it with the bush years, it was a little surprising. we've been tracking it on a month by month basis for a long time so we saw it, but when you compare the two years of the bush administration with the two years of obama, it really is striking. it's especially striking if you think of all of the political figures who, for the last two years have been saying, obama's not enforcing the law. the immigration law. and that turned out just not to be true. >> all right. when we talk about this, is it true that other crime rates have gone up in the same region, due to all of the attention being paid to the boarder? >> we don't know. it's very hard to measure white
3:35 pm
collar crime that the feds do. it's what's happened is that the criminal prosecution of nonimmigration cases did go up along the border but it went down a little bit for the 89 other districts, the rest of the country, because it looks like they're paying so much attention to immigration that maybe some of these other things are not being, you know, getting the right attention. one thing that's really interesting also is that the staffing for the immigration agencies and for the fbi and for the atf and for the dea and for the assistant u.s. attorneys, is all up, up. we've got more staff and some parts of country getting less enforcement. >> david, did your group find that the attempts to cross the border illegally have now diminished because of the stepped up enforcement? >> yes, they have diminished. as far as we can tell. it's a tricky statistic, but the
3:36 pm
people coming in have diminished. >> all right. what is the biggest challenge in your estimation, still facing the authority as long the border with mexico? you're saying we are seeing less people try to come across, the attempts, any way. what do you think the biggest challenge is? >> i think the biggest challenge, keep up with -- you're enforcing the law, you want to protect your border. you want to make sure it's done in a fair way, in a constitutional kind of way, that people aren't abused unnecessarily, and the enforcement clearly has got to go on. >> do you think there needs to be more transparency. there are certain blurred lines. >> absolutely. the obama administration is withholding from us how many prosecutors they have in each district. if you don't know that, you can't hold them accountable. we're very upset by the failure to provide that information on
3:37 pm
staffing and as you may know, our organization does a lot of work under the freedom of information act trying to get this information out, and we haven't gotten complete -- we haven't gotten the cooperation from the obama administration that we thought we were going to get when he came into office. >> david, great to have you on today. >> thank you very much. every year, 300,000 americans suffer heart attacks, outside of a hospital, and thousands of those people end up surviving attacks but new research showing they all have something in common and it could save your life. february is heart health month. dr. peter wilson, professor of medicine at emory university and joins us live. good to have you with me. we're going to get back to the stat in a moment. first i want to look at how simple lifestyle changes that we would make would keep our hearts healthy. it's important to eat healthy.
3:38 pm
we know it's important to move, get our exercise. a certain food, spinach, i'm not biggest fan of, why is that supposed to play a more important role in our lives? >> there's a recent report, it's a basic science report, about spinach and spinach is high in what are called nitrates inorganic nitrates, and it's really not had much of a health role. this may be the active mechanism by which spinach and some of the other fruits and vegetables may be good for the heart and the heart vessels. >> all right. so we've got to think more of popeye when doing this, not the creamed spinach but the good, raw stuff, right? >> i think this is just starting. this is a basic science report and we're going to get a lot more look into this, so to speak, by people who have products that may contain more of this inorganic nitrate. don't run out and eat a lot of spinach yet.
3:39 pm
think about it. but it's perhaps another new mechanism, in addition to the cholesterol, and the fat and calcium and other things we think about when we eat. >> i'll start to mentally prepare i need more spin amp. there are seven things the american heart association recommends we can do. let's take a look at these seven. make always wear of what's the most important, as we look at this. >> i think we would go towards the earliest and simplest lifestyles, aha, american heart association, adopted this simple seven. the first is to mind your daily lifestyle habits. if you're a smoker, stop smoking. if you're overweight, trim your weight, watch your foods, reduce, and if you have risk factors, dpets thget them under. >> let's talk about the stat from earlier, surviving a heart attack in a public place. we touched 0 on those stats showing 300,000 people suffer
3:40 pm
heart attacks each year. many of those outside of hospitals. so how do people survive, especially ones beating the odds? >> there are three ways we think about for people who fall on the street or fall at home or don't wake up, what happened? we think they had a heart attack or their heart stopped beating or had an arrhythmia, and some of the lives can be saved, we now know this. the relevance of this article by the doctor and his colleagues from hopkins and around the country looking at card know pulmonary resuscitation, cpr, versus aeds, automatic external defibrillators we see in airports, for instance. >> go ahead, sir. >> the point is, do we need a defibrillator at home? that's the cut to the chase ke question. the answer is probably, no, we
3:41 pm
probably don't. what we need at home is cpr. and i think this is an important message to people at high risk of a heart attack or anybody who has ever had a heart attack, having family members and other people in your home knowing cpr. defibrillators are great if you're in the airport and you get another heart attack and having skipping beats, we've got those. at home it's going to come down to cpr, and the next question is, and they didn't have data on this, but this is the future, can there be family members who can help you out? >> one important thing to note is knowing your own personal family history of heart disease in the family. explain, though, when it comes to the symptoms for men and women they're completely din, correct? >> up to a point. women tend to have a less classic manifestations of their symptoms. so a little bit of a twinge in
3:42 pm
the chest or upper belly, not necessarily that severe, crushing pain, pain going down the arms, which is the classic. so women may not pick up their heart symptoms as early as men. but it's just as big a problem especially in our women past age 65 years. >> dr. wilson, what's the science behind the differences in symptoms for men and women in a hard attack? >> one is thought to be a smaller vessel, and so a woman has a smaller vessel and it may develop ath throw sclerosis slightly differently. the way they get a heart attack, the way you get the final blockage, may be slightly different. the other is, they don't tend to undertake some of the, what i sago out and push yourself the weekend athlete types of activities. so they're doing -- they're having symptoms when they are not under exercise or quite the same situations as for men there
3:43 pm
i want to remain everybody, february is heart health month. make sure to take good care of your health this month. dr. peter wilson, thanks for talking to us today. appreciate your time and expertise. so we are going to be taking you live to the state department for breaking news coming up here in a moment. hillary clinton is coming out right now. she had a meeting today with the prime minister from croatia. let's listen in as she's going to take questions and have a statement on what's going on in egypt. >> we're here for a very important occasion but before we get to that, let me say a few words about the situation in egypt. we condemn in the strongest terms attacks on reporters covering the ongoing situation in egypt. this is a violation of international norms that guarantee freedom of the press and it is unacceptable under any
3:44 pm
circumstances. we also condemn, in the strong effort terms, attacks on peaceful demonstratodemonstrato rights activists, foreigners, and diplomats. freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press, are pillars of an open and inclusive society. its especially in times of crisis that governments must demonstrate their adherence to these universal values. there is a clear responsibility by the egyptian government, including the army, to protect those threatened and to hold accountable those responsible for those attacks. the egyptian government must demonstrate its willingness to ensure journalists' ability to report on these events to the
3:45 pm
people of egypt and to the world. vice president suleiman spoke today about the need for free and fair presidential elections. that is essential. and i urge the government and a broad and credible representation of egypt's opposition, civil society, and political factions to begin immediately serious negotiations on a peaceful and orrerly transition. the egyptian people expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. and now let me turn to this important matter, too. the united states and croatia enjoy a warm and enduring relationship and friendship. >> we've been listening to secretary of state hillary clinton coming out of a meeting with the croatian foreign minister but addressing, first,
3:46 pm
the situation that's going on in egypt. condemning in the strongest terms in her words, what's happening to journalists around the world trying to cover this and being intimidated and saying this is unacceptable, egyptian people have freedom of assembly and urging the government to show the credible representation of both sides of what's going on and the difficulties as egypt moves forward to a peaceful and orderly transition. again, secretary of state makes comments moments ago here before talking about results of her meeting with the foreign minister from croatia. we'll be right back. everybody has somebody to go heart healthy for. who's your somebody? eating campbell's healthy request can help. 25 delicious soups with low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium.
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3:50 pm
in personal privacy. more from jeff rossen. >> reporter: it is home to the megarich and the megafamous, judy garland, joe name math, lauren bacall, and yoko ono have all lived however. the dakota, one of most legendary buildings in all of new york city. former resident, john lennon, shot and new york city. former resident john lennon was shot outside of here in 1980. the dakota has impressive movie credits too, including "rosemary's baby." apartments here can run you north of $20 million. >> the dakota is a co-op. you can have all the money in the world. you need to go through the co-op board to be aproved to buy an apartment in the building. >> reporter: a rare peek inside as neighbor against neighbor place out.
3:51 pm
alfonz jr. wanted expand and buy the apartment next door as well. this is it. an all cash deal worth $5.7 million. co-op board rejected his complication. he now filed this lawsuit against the dakota and the board calling it discrimination saying they blocked the sale because of an extensive pattern of hostility towards nonwhite residents of the building. >> these cases generally are really tough to prove especially if you add the fact that he already lives there and it's a diverse building. >> reporter: just years ago fletcher himself was president of the co-op board. in his lawsuit he recalls a movie star couple applying for the apartment. the board wouldn't grant them an interview. choking that banderas wanted a first floor apartment so he could buy drugs on the street. they also discriminated against
3:52 pm
roberta flack denying her application for a new bathtub. now he wants at least $15 million in damages and still wants that new apartment. >> this is highly unusual for something like this to be made public especially for a public like dakota that prize itself on privacy. >> our thanks to msnbc jeff rosen. late last night the president of the co-op board gave this statement saying quote his outrageous accusations of discrimination are untrue and at odds with the facts that board has previously approved his purchase of several apartments. he's been elected to the board and his mother currently serves on the board. the dakota has always valued the diversity of our community. so far no settlement and this case may be headed straight to court. we'll be right back with more.
3:53 pm
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welcome back, everybody.
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virginia's attorney general says the state will seek an immediate review by the u.s. supreme court of the state's constitutional challenge to the federal health care overhaul. a u.s. district court judge ruled in december it's unconstitutional to require individuals to purchase health insurance. earlier this week a federal judge in florida followed suit. in other cases two other federal judges have said the law is constitutional. that is our snore today. i'm thomas roberts. thanks for your time. don't go anywhere. "the dylan ratigan show" coming your way next. ope you'll choose geico and save a good bit of cash... curtis: what color is the car? i bet you'd look great in a blue car. kate: no...actually, i'm torn between a fuel-injected inline-6 and a higher torque turbo diesel. gecko: that's quite a quandary! umm, i mean of course you could save either way. curtis: yeah but is one of them blue? cause i'd go with the blue one. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. pure... and also delicious. like nature valley.
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good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan and today the theme out middle east an attack on the messenger, egyptian police and mubarak arrest, beating, detaining foreign journalists in an effort to control the narrative coming out of egypt in pictures and sound. why it won't work and why tomorrow can be the tipping point for a crisis that's going on two weeks in the making. we'll he


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